Composing transformations

We are in the process of evaluating spatialdata for a non-omics use case, where workflows are very composition heavy - ie. transforms are applied in succession on objects that already have transforms applied.

Using the current API this is a bit cumbersome, though definitely possible as shown e.g. in this example Use landmark annotations to align multiple -omics layers — spatialdata (

Is there a rough timeline when this functionality might be improved, as hinted in this note from the attached example:

Note: this handling of transformation will become more ergonomics in the next code release, removing the need to manually append the transformation as we are doing below. We will update this notebook with the new approach.

Hi, thanks for reaching out! Yes, we had an internal meeting today and the refactoring of the transformation is the third item in my agenda. The first two should take together 1 week, so at the end of the next week I will start refactoring the coordinate system part of the library to allow for easier composition. I will create a draft PR for that, so it will be possible to follow the developments.

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