How to suppress NaN in clonotype_network plots?

When combining GEX and TCR data using scirpy (mydata = mu.MuData({“gex”: adata_gex, “airr”: adata_tcr}), I find a few 100 of NaN entries in mydata.obs[‘sample_id’]. When looking at the .obs in the gex, tcr, and combined MuData, the NaN are the result of tcr barcodes missing in the gex .obs. I think that is the result of pre-processing of the gex data prior combining them with the tcr data into MuData. The only time the NaN become a nuisance is in clonotype network plots where they show with the sample_ids. Is there a way to handle that outside of combining unprocessed gex with the tcr data i.e., can I suppress the NaN being displayed when using '_ =, color=“gex:sample_id”)?