ModuleNotFoundErrror: no module named "importlib.metadata"

hello! I’m a not very experienced user trying to analyze my sc data in scanpy. I’ve ran into this error just now when trying to run

ModuleNotFoundErrror: no module named “importlib.metadata”

I have installed package in terminal and imported into the condo env. on jupyter, and have also restarted the kernel, but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated!

Did you install scanpy from conda-forge or bioconda or how did you install it?
Which Python version are you using?

python 3.7.16, and I don’t remember; could have been from conda-forge, but definitely not bioconda

The latest scanpy versions are Python 3.9+. Could you please try again in a new environment with a more recent Python version?

I think it worked (although I’m worried I may have made a mess between the environments I’m working in, I’m really not familiar with python/conda/jupyter), however now it gave me this warning (I’ll continue working, but not sure what to make of it):

UserWarning: Graph is no fully connected, spectral embedding may not work as expected.