Cell Rank Data Set requirements

Dear scverse team,
I just saw the cellrank tool, and find it very interesting and exciting!

I would like to apply it to one of the data sets and have two questions to the experts:

  1. Does the data need to be in a specific format? Which RNA count data in the h5ad object is used - the processed or the raw counts or? Basically the question is how applicable is it to ‘any’ dataset?

  2. Any objections/ concerns around single cell and single nuclei data sets? Or doesnt it matter?

Thanks a lot and looking forward to your input,
best wishes,

Hi Simon, thanks for your question.
Re 1, please check out our CellRank tutorials, we explain that in there.
Re 2, this is an scVelo question, please go through open/closed scVelo issues to find your answer.

Best wishes