Got 0 probability for pvals_adj. What mean is this?


I got the 0 probability when I showed ‘pvals_adj’.
Is this what you expected?

The code is as follows.

stat = 't-test', 'class', method=stat, key_added = stat, corr_stat='bonferroni')
pvals = pd.DataFrame(data.uns[stat]['pvals_adj'])
16011 0.000000e+00 5.122659e-117 0.000000e+00 0.0 1.167093e-191 3.454282e-141 3.048517e-121 7.394720e-83 0.000000e+00
16012 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 0.0 1.343815e-242 2.026553e-249 3.782163e-140 2.896768e-157 0.000000e+00
16013 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 0.0 0.000000e+00 7.201276e-143 1.552978e-173 1.837665e-77 1.071093e-131
16014 0.000000e+00 4.389539e-163 0.000000e+00 0.0 6.732805e-237 2.432724e-180 1.248841e-220 2.773689e-73 0.000000e+00
16015 0.000000e+00 1.156094e-318 0.000000e+00 0.0 0.000000e+00 5.938224e-181 1.930398e-135 1.805501e-72 0.000000e+00