Interpretation and visualization of MrVI output?

MrVI is very much needed to understand sample heterogeneity.
I ran MrVI successfully as shown on the github pages.
But I don’t know how to interpret or visualize the outcome.

I’ve read that a tutorial for this MrVI version is not planned MrVI input and interpretation and that reimplantation of MrVI will soon come mrVI hyperparameter tunning.

However, for a project soon to be published it would be great to have some guidance how to interpret and visualize the z and u representations or the cell sample representations or distances.
Or is this major update of MrVI including tutorials a matter of days, if i may ask?

@Justin_Hong maybe?

Thank you!

This post has been banned for 1 1/2month. Not sure why it took so long to review or why it was hidden, but my question was already answered here MrVI input and interpretation - #12 by Justin_Hong