Loading a converted model fails to recognize GPU

I have an scvi model created with scvi version ‘0.14.6’ using GPUs. I am now working in an updated environment (also using GPUs) with scvi version ‘0.19.0’. I did the following to convert the old model into the new format and to try and load the model but got the following error.

scvi.model.SCVI.convert_legacy_save(working_path + 
                                    working_path + 
model = scvi.model.SCVI.load(working_path + 
INFO     File /home/jupyter/new_scvi_model_Immune_batch10x/model.pt already downloaded                             
WARNING:jax._src.lib.xla_bridge:No GPU/TPU found, falling back to CPU. (Set TF_CPP_MIN_LOG_LEVEL=0 and rerun for more info.)`

I already confirmed that scvi, pytorch, etc. were properly installed, that I have the expected CUDA version, and I confirmed that the converted model has the expected format. Is there any way I can make sure that loading the converted model will recognize the GPU?

The message you’re seeing there is specific to jax. It’s ok to ignore this warning and your model should work just fine on GPU (as it’s using pytorch)