Reading in data with scanpy.read_10x_mtx gives back KeyError:1 when features.tsv contains only one column (gene symbols) and ValueError when adding 2 columns (gene ids and feature types)(

I tried to read in some sample data from a liver cell database (Liver Cell Atlas) with the function sc.read_10x_mtx. When I pass in the data just like that, I get a KeyError: 1. I found a similar issue to that on github (Reading 10x scRNA-seq with read_10x_mtx() · Issue #1916 · scverse/scanpy · GitHub) and adjusted the file to have two more columns, but then I get the following Error: ValueError: Length of passed value for var_names is 31054, but this AnnData has shape: (389056, 31053). I think this is because the function treats the column names as values, but I don’t know why. When I look at the features file with pandas, it is displayed correctly.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance!