Spatialdata status

We’re interested in using spatialdata for use internally within our organization. We don’t mind breaking API changes, but want to be confident that documented functions behave as expected (e.g. return the correct slice from a query). Can you please comment? Thanks.

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Hi Joshua, very sorry for the late answer. I didn’t notice that my notifications were not enabled. At the moment we support a bounding box query function and a polygon query function. They are both tested and to our best knowledge stable, with the following exception/additional considerations.

Bounding box queries:

  • the bounding box query function has a bug when subsetting 3D points data, should be easy to fix Bounding box query ignores 3D points · Issue #231 · scverse/spatialdata · GitHub
  • raster (images, labels) bounding box queries are implemented and tested also for the 3D cases, but not for the case in which one has a 2D image that is embedded to a 3D coordinate system via an affine transformation, and then one uses a bounding cube to query it.

Polygon queries:

  • polygon queries currently ignore images and labels
  • polygon queries performance can be improved when one subsets by multiple polygons

Please feel free to reach out for any further question and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

In addition, if any of the points discussed above is needed in your workflows, or if you have some particular use cases in mind that you would like to be tested explicitly, we are happy to prioritize the developments and add additional tests to make the framework more robust.