Scvi import problem

Hi everybody,

Has anyone experienced the problem with scvi-tools installation? When I installed it for the first time, it worked well and allowed me to run the computations well. But when I reloaded the enviroment, I could not import it anymore. When I try to reinstall it, it does not load the scvi module in Python anymore. See the screenshot attached.

Is there a way to fix the problem?

My libraries configuration:

scanpy==1.6.1 anndata==0.7.5 umap==0.4.6 numpy==1.19.5 scipy==1.6.0 pandas==1.2.0 scikit-learn==0.24.2 statsmodels==0.12.2 python-igraph==0.9.1 louvain==0.7.0

What version of Python are you using? scvi-tools supports 3.7 at a minimum.

I also want to add that doing !pip install scvi-tools inside a jupyter notebook just runs a bash command in the terminal, so it wouldn’t automatically be installing in the environment corresponding to your active jupyter kernel.

I was using it in Amazon Sagemaker. After re-installing it on a new instance it started working well.
I am currently using Python 3.8.