Spliced counts scvelo

I have an Anndata object as follows
AnnData object with n_obs × n_vars = 11569 × 3000
obs: ‘barcodes’, ‘sample’, ‘species’, ‘gene_count’, ‘tscp_count’, ‘mread_count’, ‘bc1_well’, ‘bc2_well’, ‘bc3_well’, ‘bc1_wind’, ‘bc2_wind’, ‘bc3_wind’, ‘initial_size_unspliced’, ‘initial_size_spliced’, ‘initial_size’, ‘n_counts’, ‘louvain’, ‘velocity_self_transition’
var: ‘gene_count_corr’, ‘means’, ‘dispersions’, ‘dispersions_norm’, ‘highly_variable’, ‘velocity_gamma’, ‘velocity_qreg_ratio’, ‘velocity_r2’, ‘velocity_genes’
uns: ‘louvain’, ‘neighbors’, ‘pca’, ‘umap’, ‘velocity_graph’, ‘velocity_graph_neg’, ‘velocity_params’
obsm: ‘X_pca’, ‘X_umap’
varm: ‘PCs’
layers: ‘Ms’, ‘Mu’, ‘spliced’, ‘unspliced’, ‘variance_velocity’, ‘velocity’
obsp: ‘connectivities’, ‘distances’

Is there a way I could extract the spliced counts of a specific gene from a specific cell using this object?

Yes this is possible you can slice your adata object to the gene and the cell and than look at the layer.

gene_spliced = adata[cellid,geneid].layers["spliced"][0,0]

The [0,0] is important because adata[cellid,geneid].layers["spliced"] returns an ArrayView