Best practices for sharing scvi-tools models

Hi scvi-tools team,

First off: thank you for developing this amazing toolkit!

We have been using extensively scVI and the scArches implementation in scvi-tools for query to reference mapping for a project. We are now at the stage of wrapping up this study and we would like to share the trained scVI models for people to re-use. What would you recommend as the best practice for sharing models with the community? I’ve seen the scarches package implements helpers for deposition to Zenodo Zenodo — scArches documentation

Many thanks,

Hi Emma. We are building this functionality as we speak. End users will be able to upload and download pre-trained models and datasets to the backend of their choice (e.g. Zenodo). Stay tuned for more.
At this time though I don’t believe we have this functionality in any shape in scvi-tools, but you can always manually upload it on Zenodo or other such platforms (e.g. figshare) (or use their API’s if you would like to do so programmatically).

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