Filtering by coordinate system

Hi Guys,

I tried to follow the tutorial about the filtering by coordinate system in Napari Spatial Data: Spatial query — spatialdata

So, here is my dataset:

SpatialData object with:
├── Images
│     ├── 'v1_hires_image': SpatialImage[cyx] (4, 1890, 2000)
│     └── 'v1_lowres_image': SpatialImage[cyx] (4, 567, 600)
├── Shapes
│     └── 'v1': GeoDataFrame shape: (3935, 2) (2D shapes)
└── Tables
      └── 'table': AnnData (3935, 17943)
with coordinate systems:
▸ 'downscaled_hires', with elements:
        v1_hires_image (Images), v1 (Shapes)
▸ 'downscaled_lowres', with elements:
        v1_lowres_image (Images), v1 (Shapes)
▸ 'global', with elements:
        v1 (Shapes)

I had this result:

I don’t know why the ‘filter_by_coordinate_system’ doesn’t work and nothing is observed, while the rest of coordinate systems are present.

Do you know please how can I deal with this?

Thank you