Imaging data from seurat to scanpy

I am working on spatial transcriptome data. I performed all standard analyses in R, including QC filtration, normalization and data clustering. I want to use the normalized data from given Seurat object and read in python for further analysis. I used the following steps for the conversion :

SaveH5Seurat(test_object, overwrite = TRUE, filename = “A1”)

Convert(“A1.h5seurat”, dest = “h5ad”, overwrite = TRUE)

#Next, imported h5ad format file into scanpy :

adata1 = sc.read_h5ad(“A1.h5ad”)

But it does not contain any spatial and image information.

obs: ‘orig.ident’, ‘nCount_Spatial’, ‘nFeature_Spatial’, ‘cell.ids’, ‘nCount_SCT’, ‘nFeature_SCT’, ‘seurat_clusters’, var: ‘features’, ‘SCT_features’, ‘genename’ obsm: ‘X_pca’, ‘X_umap’ varm: ‘PCs’ layers: ‘SCT’

raise KeyError( KeyError: “Could not find entry in obsm for ‘spatial’.\nAvailable keys are: [‘X_pca’, ‘X_umap’].”

How can I add image and coordinate information in ‘obsm’ for spatial information ?

I would appreciate all the suggestion .

Thanks in advance

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have you solved it ? i meet the same problem