Loading external CITE-seq anndata with argument `mask_protein_batches`?

I want to load a CITE-seq anndata file and as per the CITE-seq reference mapping tutorial I want to use the argument mask_protein_batches=5.

However in the tutorial the anndata is loaded from the built in datasets (as below), and I’d like to load it from disk (it is actually the same data but I wrangled it to be a subset of genes with properly mapped gene ids).

I could not figure out how to do this for a dataset from disk, and searching in the repo this argument seems to only exist for loading built in datasets?

adata = scvi.data.pbmc_seurat_v4_cite_seq(

you just need to pick K arbitrary batches and set their protein values to all zero. We don’t have a specific reader that does this for you. Does that make sense?