CellAssign keyword error: After Integration

Hello All,

I have done integration using scvi protocol. Total cell count 65,785 from 4 batches.

I would like to Annotate the clusters using CellAssign module.
error message
raise KeyError(KeyError: “Values [‘PLP1’, ‘MOG’, ‘ST18’, ‘MBP’, ‘OLIG1’, ‘ACTN2’, ‘COL18A1’, ‘DHCR24’, ‘LRRC63’,], are not valid obs/ var names or indices.”

I have also looked inside my adata.var these listed genes are present in the adata.var.

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import scvi
import anndata
import scanpy as sc
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
##read annadata

##read marker gene list
marker_gene_mat = pd.read_csv('/home/Akila/Shell/celltype.csv', index_col=0)

## copy marker gene list to adata object
bdata = adata[:, marker_gene_mat.index].copy()


Thanks for using scvi-tools. This sounds like an issue with your AnnData object rather than an scvi-tools issue. Could you show the output of adata.var_names[:5]? Its possible your call to adata.var_names_make_unique() altered the gene names such that your indexing no longer works.

Thanks for your reply.
Here is the screen shot of the adata.var (before/after indexing)

Looks like your var_names are the gene ids (e.g. ENSG00000186827.11) rather than the gene names. To filter the columns by gene names you have to do something like this: adata[:, adata.var["gene_name"] == marker_gene_mat.index].