Using Git/Github for version control of single cell analysis

Hi everyone,

I’m interested to know if there is anyone who uses git/github in order to version control their jupyter notebooks, or if this is even a sensible way of doing things. I would like to be able to work on the same data on my work desktop and laptop at home. Transferring newer versions of my data and jupyter notebook between these two computers is tiresome, and I know there must be a more automated way of doing this.

@Zethson you were doing some stuff on this at a hackathon right? Any outcomes/ recommendations from that?

I am mostly using Nextcloud, which is a dropbox-like syncing service. The software is free, but the storage is given by providers (a list is available at Nextcloud providers - Nextcloud). Some providers have a free plan, which is however limited to 2GB.
If you work for a research institute, it is likely that they provide such a storage service, using either Nextcloud or a similar software.