Visualization software compatible with Python/AnnData

I’m looking for standalone visualization software for single-cell (transcriptomics) data that is compatible with AnnData and the rest of the scverse environment. The purpose is to make the data that I have analysed accessible to biologist collaborators that have no computational background.

For example, the Loupe Browser from 10x Genomics fulfills these criteria but operates with Seurat objects and is not open-source.

Generally, the more functionality the better, but the features need to be accessible with no or minimal coding. Also, it would be preferable if it can be set up in e.g. a cloud environment or any environment that doesn’t require users (i.e. biologists with minimal coding skills) to install a bunch of packages or set up a virtual environment.

Could you give some recommendations?

Have you looked at

Another option is UCSC Cell Browser — cellbrowser v1.2.1+3.g0cb0a1c documentation