Is the AnnData summary graphic in the documentation/Fig 1A of the Virshup, et al. bioRxiv pre-print creative commons license?

Hi, I’ve been using scverse for single cell analysis for a year or two now and I’m a huge fan of the anndata API.

I’m messing around with some NLP right now and decided to employ anndata in the process and was thinking about writing a small Towards Data Science article about using anndata for NLP (or just data science in general) to introduce its beauty to people outside of the scRNA/biology community.

I was wondering if I could use the summary figure from the homepage of the docs (Fig 1A from the Virshup, et al. bioRxiv pre-print) for illustrative purposes, since it’s a bit silly to re-invent the wheel and make my own? Is there a license the image falls under (i.e. creative commons or other)?