Vae_q.latent_space_classifer_ not found in totalVI CITE-seq reference mapping tutorial

We are following the tutorial located here to create a reference and map cell idents to a query. CITE-seq reference mapping with totalVI — scvi-tools

In “Query cell type prediction”, we receive an error that vae_q does not have latent_space_classifier_, when running: predictions = vae_q.latent_space_classifer_.predict(query.obsm["X_totalvi_scarches"]) Should this be vae instead of vae_q? Or do we need to rerun the code to generate the classifier in the “Train a classifier on the latent space” Section? Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your question. I am unable to reproduce the reported error using the latest version of scvi-tools (1.0.4). Could you let me know what version you are using?

Thank you for the reply. We backtracked our steps and found this was due to some incompatibilities in versions, and we were able to resolve it!

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Great! Glad you were able to resolve it.